How Does it Work.

Make faster, better and more empowered healthcare decisions for your child.

Through our simple and super fast app experience, you are immediately connected with a Nurse Practitioner who is able to share resources, knowledge and provide answers to your questions. From the simplest of questions to full-on video assessment, you will speak with them through live video, within minutes to seconds, using our app.

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telecare and telehealth app learncdo
telecare and telehealth app learncdo


Assured Pediatrics only accepts experts with verified certifications, experience and the necessary qualifications. Our experts go through
a lengthy validation process, providing you with the peace of mind that, when you need to ask an expert your parenting or healthcare question,
you have an Assured Pediatrics verified nurse practitioner on demand when and where you need them.

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15 additional states are coming soon.
We are rapidly expanding throughout the US, starting with Arizona. If we have not expanded to your state, please join our waiting list by clicking this link. You don’t need insurance, one simple monthly or annual fee for all children in your family, to speak with your chosen expert. As much as you want for whatever medical question you have.

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telecare and telehealth app learncdo


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Simple & Intuitive.

Designed for user-first experiences, enabling complex telecare and telehealth questions to be quickly and easily answered. Connect with your expert immediatly.

  • Entirely cloud based – Access your account from anywhere

  • Any number of devices – Mobile app designed to work on both Android and iOS
  • Face to face – Live video call with a verified expert

  • Available 24/7 – Contact experts out of business hours 

  • Multilingual Experts – Speak to Experts in the language you are comfortable with, when available 
  • Real-time backups –Review your video calls on your app

  • Secure – Encrypted HIPAA compliant secure video technology


At Assured Pediatrics, we believe in the power of collaboration to enhance the well-being of the children we serve. Our partnerships with educational institutions play a crucial role in fostering a holistic approach to child development. We are proud to be in collaboration with the following organizations, working together to create a healthier and brighter future for our children.

Perform to Learn Old Town Scottsdale

Our partnership with Perform to Learn Old Town Scottsdale represents a commitment to providing comprehensive health support to the students and staff of this esteemed institution. Together, we are dedicated to promoting well-rounded child development.

Visit Perform to Learn Old Town Scottsdale:

Perform to Learn Uptown Phoenix

Assured Pediatrics is proud to partner with Perform To Learn Uptown Phoenix. This collaboration is rooted in our shared vision of empowering educators and parents with valuable insights into child health and wellness, ultimately benefiting the children in our care.

Visit Perform to Learn Uptown Phoenix:

Contact Us to Become our Partner